Britz Nz Rental Agreement

Standard insurance is included in the rental price. The third party of this insurance covers up to $20 million in coverage and covers personal injury to a third party. There is no insurance coverage for injuries sustained by the tenant or passengers of the rental vehicle, and Britz does not offer an insurance option to this effect. The tenant is responsible for a reprieve of up to NZ 7,500 per incident for damage in the event of an accident. This applies to property damage to the property or rental vehicle, regardless of the cause of the accident. This liability is maintained as long as a third party admits liability and is removed to cover the costs incurred. In the case of standard insurance, damage to motorhomes or foreign ownership must be paid during the rental while the vehicle is being demolished at the end of the rent – if you have not booked the all-inclusive option in advance or the reduction in liability on site. The costs incurred are calculated and recovered during the drop-off investigation, which takes enough time to allow for damage control. The list of types of claims not covered is available in the “Insurance Exclusions” section. In New Zealand, it is not mandatory for Aboriginal people to take out liability insurance. In the event of an accident or if someone flees the crime scene, the tenant is responsible for the damage caused within the limit of excess. You can reduce the surplus or forego it as follows: the all-inclusive option can be booked in advance with us (see “Inclusions” above – only available in advance, not in the repository).

This option includes the “liability reduction option” insurance supplement, including individual vehicle coverage. Alternatively, you can purchase the following insurance option on the spot, as described below. All vehicles are insured for damage to the vehicle or third-party property. The daily allowance includes standard adhesion, with the tenant leaving a deposit of 5,000 for HiTop and Voyager and NZD 7,500 USD for all other campers.

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