Fundserv Electronic Processing Agreement

Detailed information on FundSERV`s structure and governance can be found on its website ( The following elements are grouped and reinforced. For a rule, FundSERV makes available to the Commission, if any, the following documents, in electronic or other form, as agreed from time to time by Commission staff and FundSERV: on the whole, the controls provide a reasonable guarantee that customers` access to FundSERV`s essential applications and data is limited and implemented on the basis of authorized service agreements. Controls within FundSERV`s core applications provide a reasonable guarantee that customer transactions are processed and executed in accordance with customer authorization. The controls ensure that changes to FundSERV`s existing nuclear applications are approved, tested, approved, properly implemented and documented. If a participant does not materially or repeatedly fulfill the obligations or obligations described in the FundSERV agreement, the agreement provides that the participant has 30 days to resolve the situation. FundSERV maintains a written record of actions taken and subsequent decisions. To date, compliance with suasion has been effective. If the suspension or termination were to be sought or if reinstatement was refused, fundSERV`s Board of Directors would have a right of appeal. 2. FundSERV is an e-business service provider for the Canadian investment industry; At the time of the introduction, Fund/SERV had six customers processing 15 orders per day.

Today, Fund/SERV has more than 940 fund users and 350 users worldwide who make an average of more than 860,000 orders per day. If the Commission`s services do not agree on the need for immediate implementation, the dispute resolution procedure will be as follows: FundSERV has established a set of standard rules for treatment and standardised agreements with all participants to ensure transparency. All participants have the same access to services and support at no additional cost. In cases where participants do not apply electronic treatment standards deemed mandatory by the SSC, they have the right to contact the Mandatory Standards Appeals Committee, a subcommittee of the Board. In the end, there is no point for the industry as a whole to withdraw customers because of disagreements. In fact, this never happened because FundSERV instead used Suasion instead of fines to ensure that all participants were co-ore-friendly.

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