Hba Agreement

Laboratories/institutes refer to the signing and counter-signing, on behalf of CSIR, of the agreement in connection with the granting of HBA, etc., to directors or financial and accounting agents. In accordance with the delegation of powers, all agreements must be signed by the administrative official and countersigned by the financial accountant of the labs./Instts. on behalf of CSIR. Laboratories/institutes have raised questions about who should sign and oppose the agreement whether the administrator or credit bureau of F-Ao is the borrowing authority. It is specified that in the case of the administrator or F-AO is the credit authority, then the agreement is signed and countersigned by the following officers:- . . It has now been decided, in agreement with CSIR`s financial wing, that wherever additional documents/documents in connection with the granting of additional HBEs are available to Govt. India`s markets or CSIR-HBA rules must be executed for the additional amount that is involved at the borrower`s expense. . . . During Govt.

India later wrote that Govt. Employees have granted additional HBA in the form of the higher order of 1984 will also bear the cost of executing additional documents, but CSIR HBA rules keep silent on the issue. With the liberalization of the HBA rules by the Government of India, effective May 1, 1984, a large number of CSIR workers benefited from an additional HBA where possible. . The conclusion of this letter of 12.11.1987 can be treated as abolished. The President, CSIR, was pleased to authorize the directors and account managers of each station where each CSIR member builds a house to sign legal documents on behalf of the company, i.e. the CSIR relating to House Building Advance, which was sanctioned while the employee concerned may belong to another laboratory/institute. the administrator and accountant of the laboratory or institute, which is closest to the location of the house, will act in this regard on behalf of the company, that is, the CSIR. K.F.C. FORM 12 – Statement of services provided/provided – (in accordance with Article 113, note 6 in KFC, divisions acting in connection with the provision of services or the provision of goods to other services, a monthly return to General Accountant Form 12 (letter CSIR No. 3 (4)/65-CTE, Da, 20 Sep., 1969) HBA – Appendix III – Details of Eligible HBA applicants – Reg By reference to item 4 of the above circular of 19.9.1986, I would like, in agreement with the financial wing of THE CSIR headquarters, such as: – In accordance with CSIR House Building Advance Rules, 1985, the CSIR Stamp Duty and registration fee for documents drawn by Council officials, including the HBA redevelopment act.

The reimbursement decision was made by the governing body in order to put Council staff on an equal footing with other central government officials. Since stamp duty is a state issue, some states have begun to collect stamp taxes even from central government staff. The Government of India at the Ministry of Urban Development clarified its OM No. 1/17015/4/89-H-III of 28 February 1989, that the refund of stamp duty paid by central government officials is not carried out if it is collected by one of the states. . (letter CSIR 16 (63)/25/86-E.II, Date of July 3, 1987) In order to put Council staff on an equal footing with central government staff, it was decided that: – in light of the aforementioned amendments to Clarification Regulations 10, all 1985 Council officers covered by the HBA rules are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by the execution/registration of the transport certificate. “The refund of stamp duty and registration tax, including the HBA refund deed, to Commission officers will continue to be regulated in accordance with existing stamp duty provisions prior to the introduction of the CSIR-HBA rules, and in 1985 under the current regime.” As a result of this letter from the Agency, dated 13/14-3-1990, and to find, in agreement with the Ministry of Urban Development and the F.A. Agreement, CSIR, that the expenditures on registration fees that were made during the registration of the

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