Hold Harmless Agreement Kansas

(6) an agreement providing for compensation where the parties agree in writing that the obligation to compensate must be guaranteed by the promisor`s coverage of liability, subject to the following restrictions: (B) the activities of the grantee recipient under that agreement are essentially related to the mark, the service mark, the trademark. , the type of logo, advertisement or other commercial symbol that refers to the lessor or member of the funder. 71-201a. Compensation or disposition unscathed, nullig. (a) The public policy of the State of Kansas is that all contracts entered into by the board of directors of a community college or by officers or employees on behalf of the Board of Directors provide that the Community College and the Board of Directors are solely responsible for the actions of the Community College or the Board of Directors or non-action under a contract. (8) “obligation of mutual compensation”, an obligation to compensate in a contract in which the parties agree to release each other and the contracting parties of the other and their employees from losses, responsibilities or damages related to bodily harm, death or property damage suffered by workers, contractors or their employees, as well as persons claiming or resulting from the performance of the contract. (6) “compensation provision”: an alliance, commitment, agreement, clause or understanding in relation to that is included in a contract or that concerns a contract that requires the promisor to compensate, compensate or defend the promise or others against liability in the event of loss or damage. 16-121. construction contracts, energy transmission contracts, dealer contracts, franchise agreements; certain compensation provisions and additional policyholders are uninsured. (a) When used in this section: (3) a compensation agreement that is an integral part of a compromise offer or settlement of a disputed claim when: LA KAR members receive a username and password (which the user may later change) to access certain content protected by a password on the site. You agree not to provide your username and password or to give others access to password-protected content on the site. If you do so in violation of this agreement, you will be liable for: (1) providing access to the site in violation of the terms of this Agreement; (2) this person`s online behaviour; (3) monitor access and use of that person`s website; and (4) the consequences of that person`s use of the site.

You agree to defend, retain and compensate KAR and its representatives, directors, employees, executives, subsidiaries or suppliers of any act, claim, expenses, expenses, expenses, losses, procedures and lawsuits (including reasonable legal fees) that arise from the following data: (1) any material that you post or not and that is illegal or contrary to copyright. patents, commercial transactions, trademark rights, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights of a person, or a person defaming or violating his or her rights to privacy or the public; (2) any misrepresentation you have made about your use of the site; (3) The introduction of defamatory, discriminatory, false, fraudulent or misleading information into a database or form provided through that site, or your omission of essential information from a database or form; (4) any non-compliance by you with the terms of use of this Agreement; and (5) third-party claims arising from or relating to your access or use of the Site.

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